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The beauty of ethnic and tribal jewelry has always fascinated travelers and collectors. And the purpose of jewelry goes far beyond that of mere decoration in so many cultures. It is not only beautiful, but often communicates messages about the wearers status, wealth, spiritual beliefs, community celebrations and rites of passage. Because tribal jewelry is so important for so many reasons, it is made with great care and emotion and resonates with the spirit embedded within it. Handcrafted jewelry, whether tribal or contemporary, is very different from what you will find in department stores. To wear it is to make a personal statement of style and confidence!

Hand Amulet (Hamsa)

The hand amulet is regarded as a protective talisman in many parts of the world. In the Middle East and Central Asia it is a powerful protector against “the evil eye”, believed to be the source of misfortune and illness and other problems. It is thought to bring its owner good fortune and to endow them with the virtues of patience and faithfulness. There is a similar Jewish tradition. The Hindu version in India, called the Humsa Hand, is often referred to as the” All-seeing eye of Mercy. In other areas, it is regarded as a “helping hand”, a symbol of friendship and a bringer of wealth.

Turkey Hamsa #1

Turkey. Sterling silver outlined in white crystals and brass. Blue glass center stone. 2”T x 1 3/8”W $78.



Turkey Hamsa #2

Turkey. Sterling silver. Red, green & blue glass & brass accents.
2 5/8”T x 1 3/8”W $78.



Turkey Hamsa #3

Turkey. Sterling silver filigree with protective eye bead in center.
1¼”T x ¾”W $44.



Turkey Hamsa #4

Turkey. Sterling silver filigree. 1 ¾”T x 1 1/8”W



Tunisia Hamsa

Tunisia. Antique sterling silver.
2¼” T x 1½”W



Morocco Hamsa

Morocco. Sterling silver with enamel. Red glass center “eye”.
2¼” T x 1¼”W $78.








Yin Yang Hamsa

Sterling silver with Native American symbols on the fingertips and center Yin Yang. 1 3/8”T x ¾”W $42. Includes 18” box chain.

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Lotus Hamsa

Sterling silver with Native American symbols on the fingertips and center Lotus blossom. 1 3/8 ‘T x ¾”W $42. Includes 18” box chain

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Cultural Artifacts, Tribal Aesthetics, Modern Style connected to Ancient roots and Traditions

We have searched the globe to find pieces that speak to us, that have historical energy. You can’t see the energy but you can feel it. Handmade, perfect within their imperfections, they have a lovely, sometimes rustic yet refined quality, with beautiful layers of patina that add interest and give zest and zing to your outfits and spirits.


Silver Berber Hamsa Earrings

Silver Berber Hamsa Earrings
19th century, Berber, Morocco.
One of a kind. Hamsas matched in size but with different designs
Hamsas: 1 3/4"L x 1 1/4”W.
Length from top of post to bottom of charm: 2 1/4". $245


Petite Boghdad Earrings

Petite Boghdad Earrings
19th century, Mauritania, West Africa.
A silver Saharan cross, or Boghdad.
One of a kind.

Boghdad: 1”L x 1”W.
From top of post to bottom of cross is 2". $225


Antique Berber Carnelian Hair Ornaments

Antique Berber Carnelian Hair Ornaments
Mid 20th century, Morocco.
Rare lovely vintage aged agate charms that are used for hair ornaments.
Wonderful character!
2 ¾”L x 1”W. $375

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Antique Berber Fibula Earrings

Antique Berber Fibula Earrings
19th century, Morocco.
Sterling silver with the soft glow of a gold wash
These spectacular fibulas were used as “pins” to close a woman’s shawl.
3 ¾”L x 2”W. $328.



“Frida Kahlo” Colonial Style Earrings of Mexico

Frida Kahlo helped to popularize this beautiful colonial style of jewelry when she adopted the dress of the indigenous people of Mexico as her own. These earrings are beautiful AND light-weight and will surely turn heads when you adopt them as well! The style originates with the Mazahua people who inhabit the northwestern portion of the State of Mexico and northeastern area of Michoacán. The word Mazahua is of Nahuatl origin meaning "the owners of deer", probably referring to the rich fauna of the mountainous region where they live.

Frida Kahlo Style Mexican Dove and Flower Earring

Frida Kahlo Style Mexican Dove and Flower Earrings
2 ¾” from top of wires
1 ¾”W

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Mexican Coral Chandelier Earrings

Mexican Coral Chandelier Earrings
2 ¾” from top of wire to bottom of coral beads
1 3/8”W


Classic Mexican Dove Earrings

Classic Mexican Dove Earrings
1 7/8” from tip of bird wing



Zealandia Designs by Jenny Byrne

Weaving together her love of natural materials, and a fascination with spiritual and mythological art, Zealandia Design’s artisan, Jenny Byrne, has created a unique line of silver, gold fill, and fossilized ivory jewelry rich in archetypal symbolism.

"The idea of using ivory as old as the petroglyphs, and cultures that inspire me, is very exciting as I like my designs to tell stories that honor the wisdom ancient people developed to explain and understand the forces surrounding them. I see early expressions of writing, art and ritual as having an innate power, and incorporate this into my designs as silent incantations or mantra.” -Jenny Byrne, Zealandia Designs


Fan Geisha Pin/Pendant

"Fan Geisha" Pin/Pendant
Silver, 14kt Gold Fill & Ancient Mammoth Ivory
2.25"T x 1.25"W

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Turtle Earrings

"Turtle" Earrings
Silver & Fossilized Walrus Tusk
1"T x 1"W

Temporarily Out of Stock

Jelly Fish Earrings

"Jelly Fish" Earrings
Silver, Rainbow Moonstone & Fossilized Walrus Tusk
2.25"T x .75"W



Miao Silver Jewelry

The Miao people, known for their exquisite silver jewelry, dwell in the mountainous areas of southwestern China, Vietnam, Laos, Burma and Thailand. Silver ornaments have been an important part of the Miao culture for over 400 years where it is customary for Miao women to adorn themselves for festivals and celebrations and especially for their wedding day. Miao families begin collecting silver jewelry for their daughters as infants, keeping it in a special wooden box in anticipation of her wedding day, when she displays her finery for the whole village. A wedding costume often includes 8 – 10 kg of exquisitely fashioned silver that represents beauty, wealth and dignity and is believed to ward off evil. Silver jewelry is an easily transportable form of wealth for the Miao minority during seasonal migrations. The jewelry is made using traditional techniques passed down from generation to generation.

The silver used by Miao craftsmen can vary from 40 to 60% silver because of the different purities contained in the regional coins that are melted to create these stunning ornaments. It is then combined with white copper and nickel.


Miao Bangle Bracelet

Tall Bangle Bracelets 4 3/8” T x
3 ¼” Diameter outside 2 ½”
Diameter inside.$498 on Sale $324 For One

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$895 Set of Two on Sale $582
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Miao Flower Necklace

Miao Flower Necklace
9 5/8” Outside diameter 5 7/8”
Inside diameter 10” from bottom to top
$735 on Sale $478.

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Miao Dragon Necklace

Miao Dragon Necklace.Beautifully "chased"
dragon designs cavort among other auspicious
symbols. Hollow. 10 3/8" outside diameter
6" inside diameter 11 1/2" top to bottom. $585 on Sale $380.



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